Tool & Die Design and Manufacturing capability
Braceable designs, manufactures and maintains its customers’ tooling assets according to ISO TS 16949 prescribed Product Realization model.
Product Development Process    
Initial FAT Analysis (Draw simulation)
Identifying Forming zones Using Cat Flange
Blank Development & Layout

Part and Blank Capture using Cat form (Blank Prediction)
Blank Shape, Size and Nesting Confirmation
Blank Die Layout (Nesting Simulation – cost optimizer)
Final Part Shape Confirmation
Project Capture Using Cat Flange
Die Making Process (Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering)
Part Design (Full Model)

Rapid Prototyping is often the difference in beating your competitor to market. Rapid Prototyping is also most successful when the company that makes the prototypes is a good candidate for the production. That's why at Braceable Manufacturing, Engineering staff places a tremendous amount of emphasis on R&D and Prototyping capabilities. The prototyping process is not only a logical place to enhance, modify and test component features but also manufacturing methods. Whether it's Precision Assemblies, CNC Machined Components or intricate Metal Stampings, Braceable Manufacturing is ready to assist customers in reverse engineering of products.  

Off tool part for Customer supplied with quotation for contract

Die Making Process (Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering)

1. Die Set (Framework) Manufactured in-house. All CNC Machined via direct data transfer from Catia V5 Rev 20

2. All dowel, screw holes and unique pierce dies EDM Milled via direct data transfer from Catia V5 Rev 20 (4 Axes package)